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Shirzad company was established in 1360 with a packaging and filling team. Initially, the largest volume of the company's production was made up of fillers, which included powder and liquid fillers.

Development of Shirzad products

At the beginning of its activity, Shirzad company had promoted only two models of devices, which has increased to 250 models and sizes in 2017. Continuous revision in design and manufacturing and updating of information in all fields and promotion of new designs during more than 3 years. Decade of activity is one of the honors of Shirzad company


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Categories of Shirzad products

Packaging and filling machines

filling machine

Pelletizing machine and depalletizing machine

Cold press machine

Shrink pallet machine

Stretch pallet machine

Shrink pack machine

4 itemsStretch pallet machine
2 itemsPelletizing machine and depalletizing machine
2 itemsfilling machine
11 itemsShrink pack machine
2 itemsShrink pallet machine
2 itemsCold press machine

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